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Indoor version :

Minimum stage space : Width : 5m    /    Depth : 4m    /    Height : 3m50
Capacity max: 200 p

Set up :
1 person to help unload and set up / Full Black out essential / Seating / On stage controls / Set up time : 3h / Strike time : 1h 30
Lighting :
1 or 2 spots in front and 1 spot stage right. + room lighting. (We can be independent).    / On stage lighting controls. ( We will bring our 4 circuit dimmer board ) / Electrical supply to stage right and to centre stage for the shadow lamp.
Sound :
The company brings their own sound system, mixing desk, microphone and CD player / It’s possible to connect to the room’s sound system (if necessary) / Electrical supply to stage right.

Street Version (In the Circus tent) :

Dimensions of the tent :
5,40 m large X 8m long X 2,60m side and 3,70m ridgepole height. Need flat and clear ground on a space of at least 7m x 10m. Minimum height available : 4m The structure is self standing but needs to be secured in case of rain and/or wind. Possibility of stays ( weights, crowbar, or other…)
Capacity : 49 places

Build up :
Access to site with car. Build up time : 6h (please provide lunch) / Take down : 2h / If possible no show on the day of build up / 3 people to help unload/build up and take
down the tent. It is absolutely necessary to have 3 strong men for the first hour; after that one person is enough, the same goes for the break down. Provide a night watch if the circus tent stays on site over night.

Electrical Supply : 16A The company is independent for the sound and lights and has it’s own raked seating.